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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 30, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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this planet. and that i would be better off dead. >> prosecutors allege the 2014 assault at the prestigious st. paul school in new hampshire was part of a so-called senior salute. labrie who maintains he did not have sex with the victim was acquitted of the most serious forcible rape charges but the jury found him guilty of other charges including luring a minor by a computer which is a felony. the now 20-year-old lost his acceptance to harvard. he spent four days on suicide watch. she wrote to the judge he has been punished beyond a dooeg anyone else could possibly understand. >> after the hearing, he had to register as a sex offender. he was then allowed to go home and he will remain free on bail while his attorneys appeal. kendis and reena. >> thank you so much. an elderly kentucky man is recovering after spending five days trapped in his car. police say he went off an embankment earlier this week.
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frustrated family member searched area roadways without any luck. a driver spotted the car wednesday just in the nick of time. >> to me somewhat of a miracle he was spotted because i don't believe in his age and his medical condition he would have made it up to the roadway. >> the driver was dehydrated when rescuers found him but he was alert and able to talk to them. a 10-year-old in hawaii says the shark that bit him popped out of nowhere. the youngster is recovering in a hospital this morning with several wounds to his leg. he says he kicked the shark in the nose and that he wasn't afraid. abc's matt gutman with more. >> the shark attack jolting the boy boogie boarding off hawaii clear out of the surf. >> i saw a kid get lifted out of the water. >> another body boarder's go pro capturing the attack in the distance. off duty lifeguard kelly crohn paddling to the boy noticing the deep gashes in his thigh. >> i gave at distress signal to
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the life guards something was up. >> last week tony lee was pulled by a tiger shark. lee fought back supply kept thinking if i just punched him enough, he would let me go. >> as we recently learned diving with tiger sharks in the bahamas. >> turn around, man. turn around. >> sharks don't target humans. but mistakes happen and because tiger sharks' mouths are so big, hair bites can be deadly. >> if a big shark makes a mistake and bites you, chances are you're going to bleed to death. >> about a third of all shark attacks in hawaii happen in these months when tiger sharks are pregnant and scientists feed more aggressively. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> owners of thousands of hondas, the air bags may be detective. the automaker recalling 300,000 accords because side bags can inflate when the doors are slammed. the side impact sensors may be detective in 2008 and nine cars.
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noticed will go out to owners in december. >> the number of americans filing for unemployment has hit a milestone. the average number of claims hit a 42-year low last week. after only 1,000 people filed for unemployment. employers appear to be cutting back on layoffs. that's a sign of economic recovery. the jobless rate is at a seven-year low at 5.1%. earlier this week here on the program, we expressed our affection for stuff that happens in key west. >> we like key west. and the annual fantasy fest going on right now, well, we can just -- we can't help ourselves. >> one of the week's more popular events is the pet masquerade. beak it's a group of people and their pets doing dance numbers and staging skits. >> there's probably plenty of rum drinks, right? >> i'm sure. >> there were more than 50 entries and everyone seemed to have a good time. it's a ten-day costume and
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festival. >> including the pets. >> all righty. coming up, expert fitness advice forerunners even if you're not exactly a marathoner. >> also ahead, a new look at a television revolution. what viewers will like about the nut apple tv. >> and a special halloween edition of our "insomniac theater." we slip into character to celebrate halloween with bradley cooper. so why are we using the force? prepare to be amazed. >> but first the forecast map. we should point out in new york the gametime temperature should be 54 degrees for game three of the world series but it is a spooky or creepy -- do you have any candy? >> "world news now" weather. brought to you by lysol. your clever moves won't stop the cold and flu.
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stores put up their holiday displays although there's more emphasis this year on website deals. but they had other retailers maybe saving some tricks for black friday anyway. a new report indicates a majority of online holiday shopping this year will be done on mobile devices. >> i'm one of those people that likes to buy the holiday stuff the day after to get like 75% off. >> the day after christmas. >> the day after halloween. i like that. >> you try to get in there. >> i'm not ready for christmas yet. i get my halloween stuff for next year. and just in time for those holiday movie and tv specials apple set to rule offize the way we watch tv. >> the brand-new apple tv could change the look and feel of your set into a giant iphone or ipad. it's hitting the stores today. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: the company that revolutionized the way we listen to music and use our phones is taking on the television.
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>> i think this is really going to change everything. >> apple's eddie q inviting us in for a first look at the brand-new apple tv, a device that for $149 connects to your tv with an hdmi cable organizing your tv screen much like an iphone or ipad with apps, you decide what to download from games like disney infinity. >> is the force with you, eddie? >> always with me. >> to house hunting apps to apps of your favorite channels which include their live programming and a whole lot more. >> you cut in the middle of that commercial break just swipe over and do i a little shopping. > it's all controlled by this remote with just five buttons including this one for siri you can yell at your tv and it listens. >> or you can even ask what's the weather in new york right now by asking siri. >> what's the weather in new york right now? >> 61 and cloudy. >> or find your favorite tv showdown to a specific episode just by asking. >> let's try find episode of
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"modern family" with matt dillon. and there it is. five seconds later, we're watching. >> and what you see here might just be the tip of the iceberg. what do you see when you look at the future? five, ten years from now. >> what i really wanted to see is the ability of having more control and having it be more interactive. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> it will get there. >> best episode of "world news now." >> definitely the one with anderson cooper way back when, wasn't it. >> no, it's the one from 1950 when i made a tv dinner. tv dinners were much later. >> we're like ozzy and harriet. >> yeah. >> interesting. we'll be right back with the marathon.
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it's a big day this weekend the new york marathon is on sunday. >> more than 50,000 runners hit the pavement and a marathon champ has fitness advice for everyone. here's trina trinh. >> people get nervous. i was one of those people. >> hard to believe he won last year's boston marathon and was the first american since 1982 to win the new york city marathon in 2009. at 40 years old, he's still going strong. and whether you're a seasoned runner or just working up the nerve for a jog around the blow,
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he has basic rules for getting the most out of any run. tip one, pace yourself. >> don't go all out. be patient. leave some for the end. you'd rather be passing people than getting passed. >> reporter:tive number two, check your form. >> if you run in the city, if you look by a window look at yourself. take a glimpse and say okay, how is my hand carriage, how is my pelvis. >>tive three, visualize and strategize. >> on race day, 90% is mental. in training you have 90% physical, 10% mental. but once the gun goes off, you've done the 10% of physical. now it's mental game. how are you going to use your energy throughout the 26.2? you got to make a calculated decision. do you want to conquer account hill? you don't want to get too excited. i visualize myself racing, going over 21 miles. then when it comes on race day, it comes second nature. >> as for dinner the night
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before a big race, go for the carbs. >> just carb up. you need the fuel. i have a wish, it would be spaghetti, sauce and a few meatballs would be great. >> the right equipment can help you train, too. he likes to use a low immake the elliptical bike and smart watch that measures heart race and distance. what's his number one piece of advice? >> enjoy the experience. i'm back for my tenth. i'm so excited. >> reporter: marathon fans are equally excited. trina trinh, abc news, new york. so it's his tenth marathon. what an amateur. compared to the commish who is running 14th. >> jacko over here. jack, what number will this be? >> my 14th city new york city marathon and" mrs. also joining you, a school teacher. >> semi is. >> congratulations. there's your number. >> what sort of time are you going for this time.
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welcome back. it's not what you're thinking. we're just here for "insomniac theater." yes, the portion of the show looking at what's new in theaters. can we lose this now? >> all right. i kind of like mine. >> and this halloween weekend, watch. a romantic comedy. watch a romantic comedy we must. >> i preferred you with this on. >> okay, so since saul 19 is not an option this halloween, we get bradley cooper in "burnt." he plays a two-star michelin chef looking to rule the culinary gal leach. in order to do so, he must recruit apprentices not afraid
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to turn to the darkside. >> he's a two star michelin chef. to get one star, you have to be like luke skywalker. >> can you imagine getting three? >> you're yoda. >> you've always been a hero of mine. we studied your recipes. >> you or god? >> i don't know the difference. >> would you work for me for nothing? >> for nothing. >> for food, for meals. >> yeah, absolutely, if i was learning. >> would you pay me? how muchch would you pay me to work for me? would you pay me 100 pounds a week, 200, 300? trying to make a point. rooup's great. fantastic. but you lack arrogance. to be in my kitchen, you have to defend yourself. >> and we might have added that music. the roo reviews not good. sam wolf it a character drama about one awesome dude's struggle to be even more awesome. >> and burnt seems to think it's a radical new twist on risotto.
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in truth, it's closer to a slightly spiced up mac and cheese. good one. nice one there. >> i have a headache. into are we back to there. >> and my nose is itchy. >> use the force. >> you must. you must. >> have a great halloween out there, folks. >> to the darkside. >> the party's, if i can figure out where we're going. >> i going off to the darkside. >> sorry. where's the set? >> whoa. >> sorry. i'll just go back to the seat. >> did we go out already. >> "star wars" in theaters december -- star wars in theaters november 1
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this morning on "world news now," political doom and gloom. >> jeb bush doing everything he can from keeping the naysayers from taking down his presidential campaign and how his former protege marco rubio is adding to his frustration. >> plane on fire. more than 100 people rushed to the exit as a plane bursts into flames. passengers forced to evacuate down and emergency slide. the new video and details. >> the prep school student who was on his way to harvard on a scholarship now sent to prison. the sexual assault, the pressure on campus and why the judge called the young man a very good liar. and this halloween weekend, keeping kids safe. as trick-or-treaters gear up for the great candy grab, a major reminder to parents and the one thing everyone can do to make sure this is a happy and safe halloween.


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